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Xibitor - The Event Management Platform

We understand that there are many complexities when organising an event. Complex products, questions, information and management… Xibitor simplifies these complexities into a simple process, yet ensures that all of the relevant detail is unified, easily captured and reported.

Xibitors simple online web application streamlines and optimises the exhibitors experience, whilst cleanly (in real time) relaying information through to the event manager, no matter how complex. Save time and money by minimising the need for event management staff to enter purchases, information and documentation.

Xibitors processes allow management to report online web requests in various states at the simple click of a button.

An elegant solution to a complex problem.


Maps… Sure Do!

Do you sell your event by site? Xibitor integrates web mapping technology into its online booking forms.

Web base mapping has never been so easy! Was your map drawn by a graphic designer or surveyor? Just don’t know where to start… Xibitor has you covered.

We understand that maps change constantly. That’s why Xibitor makes importing updated maps so easy in a self contained process!

Has a site been allocated? Not a problem. The map will update automatically notifying exhibitors that the site is no longer available.

Want to provide patrons to your event an interactive map? Yes, Xibitor does this too.









Clean communication is the key to success!

Xibitor can send automated and customised emails and text messages to all contacts in the platform. Personalised templates, merge fields and attachments, allow event managers to setup communication and email campaigns quickly and hassle free.

Event managers can directly send pre-loaded booking links through to exhibitors at any stage during the process to encourage sales and prompt finalisation of bookings.

Professional automated responses are sent to exhibitors who have not finalised web requests. This helps simplify the application process and drives more successful sales.

Xibitors messaging allows users to easily communicate with each other while logged against all contacts and operational processes for easy reference.

All general communication is referenced against operational processes and history is always retained.

Booking Demo

Welcome to the Xibitor demo. Please go ahead and follow the below links to the different ways Xibitor can be implemented.

Night Markets

Demo Xibitor - Interactive Map Based Request

Commercial Land Release

Demo Xibitor - Interactive Map Based Request

Please keep in mind that the parameters for these products have been pre-set by our developers here at LittleMan – This is something that you as the exhibition planner will have the ability to do at your own event. The process and interaction with your customers is at you full control!  

So please go ahead and discover some of the Xibitors interactive map and online booking capabilities.

Xibitor Simulation Map

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Xibitor has your future in sight as it can duplicate your entire program including all bookings and details preloaded for the next year. Email’s can be sent out to the exhibitors with web links to requests that are pre populated with data from last year assisting on driving next years sales.

Invoicing is a simple click of a button including integration with accounting systems and payments.

For further information please contact our friendly and helpful team.