Custom Management Systems That Can Scale Any Peak




Developing a new software solution may seem like a daunting task. Where do you start? How much should it cost, duration and change management for your team be considered? 

LittleMan specialise in rapid application development and can have you up and running with a new business management solution in only a few short weeks.

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Existing FileMaker Solutions - Enhancement & Updates

Improving existing FileMaker solutions to promote business growth and prepare for the future is a breeze. Our FileMaker experts can resolve issues with existing FileMaker databases and provide cost effective options for migrating to better FileMaker systems.

Our experience has enabled us to provide support, further development and integration with third party applications and hardware for our vast range of clients. Request a call to find out how LittleMan could improve your FileMaker application

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Digital Process

Consolidating existing software systems & digital processes

LittleMan has a proven track record with consolidating existing software systems band digital processes into state-of-the-art systems that reduce time and cost to business while they improve productivity.

Business Process Improvement

The LittleMan team have decades of experience in improving business processes and enhancing procedures to ensure businesses thrive into the future.

Our team have experience through a diverse range of industries and are able to service all businesses regardless of size and location.

Replace Excel Spreadsheets & Access

Running spread sheets is insecure, inefficient and a nightmare to maintain. Once your business outgrows spread sheets it’s time to find the right solution that will continue to facilitate your growth. Spread sheets worked for a time because they were customised so why not continue that trend with a stable, customised database solution.

Replacing spread sheets with FileMaker is easy. Ask us how

Excel Access

Dedicated FileMaker Hosting

Our state of the art technology ensures daily backups and high speed access to your solutions.

LittleMan Dedicated Hosting is built for advanced installs of FileMaker Database.

Service includes

- Dedicated hardware

- Australian based service

- Backup and server management

- Fixed IP address

- LittleMan DNS record

- LittleMan SSL certificate

Contact our team to discuss your requirements.

Little Man File Maker Hosting

Cloud Hosting

FileMaker Cloud/Amazon Database Hosting

We can host your FileMaker solution on one of our Amazon cloud servers. Recommended for simple FileMaker installs.

Contact our team to discuss your requirements.

FileMaker Licensing

FileMaker offer expansive licensing avenues. Let LittleMan help navigate you through the multitude of licensing options that FileMaker have available and that you may not know of. We are there to help you optimise and scale your licensing requirements while providing discount FileMaker licensing.

File Maker Licencing

Remote Cloud Backups

We can remotely backup your FileMaker on one of our secure cloud servers. Our state of the art technology ensures daily backups and high speed access to your solutions. 

Contact our team to discuss your requirements.

Remote Backup